The sweet story of White Swan

This route acquaints the tourists with Sharivskyi palace and garden complex, which is one of the most remarkable places in Eastern Ukraine. The heyday of this architectural estate is associated with the name of its last owners – the sugar manufacturer Leopold and Julia Koenig. The visit to the Huty village is dedicated to the life and rapid commercial success of Koenigs. In this town, there is still located one of the sugar factories that once belonged to their family. In Sharivskyi complex tourists can visit a magnificent palace, built in neo-Gothic style. Because of its architectural beauty, contemporaries refer to it only as the White Swan palace. Unfortunately only a part of its interior remained intact, including tiled fireplaces, bronze chandelier, oak staircase and the oak study of the owner. Visitors are offered to take a walk in the park area and to explore the terraced gardens, ponds, alleys with unique linden trees, that have vertical branches and the surviving household outbuildings like pheasantry, houses of the guards and gardeners, greenhouses. 
All the buildings were conceived in the same architectural style that gives a sense of the gothic atmosphere. 
In Huty you can also visit the railway station, the school and mail service buildings, houses for the workers and engineering personnel, which were built by Koenigs for the needs of the plant and the village. The technology of sugar production can be explored in the local museum by Hutianskyi sugar factory. In the sugar refining season, you may actually visit the plant itself.

Tour objects: Sharivskyi palace and garden complex; Museum of the history of Pervukhunskyi sugar factory andvillage of Huty; Huty's railway station; Huty's water tower; Sviato-Troitskyi cathedral; the building of Veberivska research station; Pervukhunskyi sugar factory (in the sugar refining season).