Slobozhanshchyna treasures of Repin

Tourist trail “Slobozhanshchyna treasures of Repin” acquaints tourists with the unique artistic legacy of the world famous painter, Illia Yukhymovych Repin, whose canvases are presented in Kharkiv Fine Arts Museum and memorial estate of Repin family, in the city of Chuhuiv, which was the home of the artist. Among the exhibited works there are juvenilias, lesser-known iconographic works of the artist as well as his most famous painting Reply of the “Zaporozhian Cossacks”.

Chuhuiv is also known for being a center of eight military districts in the first half of the XIX century. Nowadays it's the only city in Ukraine that still has the original architecture of those times, which includes the building of the military colonies Headquarters and the en route imperial palace. Earlier, in the latter half of the ХVII century, this territory was famous for its large vineyards and excellent wines. Therefore during the tour, at the visitors' request, it may be possible to arrange a visit to the “PRIME” factory which manufactures hard liquors.

The program also includes a sightseeing tour in Chuhuiv, painting master class, going on the longest zip line in Eastern Ukraine and enjoying a “Repin-style’ lunch.

Tour objects: Kharkiv Fine Arts Museum; memorial estate of Repin family; Gallery of the laureates of the Repin prize; Pokrovskyi cathedral; en route imperial palace; the monument to I.Yu. Repin.

Route duration is 7-8 hours