Velykoburlutskyi steppe

Velykoburlutskyi steppe is a picturesque landscape park, created for the sake of preserving rare flora and fauna.
This is, by the way, the historical homeland of the marmot Tymko, which predicts Ukrainians the time when the spring comes.
For a long time the steppes were being persistently destroyed, planting trees, breaking fresh ground, flooding "unusable" land in order to create the reservoir.
As a result, the population of wildlife in the area has progressively been reduced.
They began to create steppe nature reserves in order to preserve the beauty and diversity of the living world of Ukraine. It was possible to preserve and breed the number of Ukrainian marmots and settle these amusing animals in other Ukrainian nature reserves thanks to Velykoburlutskyi Landscape Park.
You can visit Velykoburlutskyi steppe by booking an excursion or on your own. Due to such an ecotourism, you will have the opportunity to explore the life of rare plants and animals of the steppe and forest-steppe zones (Burlutskyi steppe presents several dozens of plants and animals species that are disappearing), admire the magnificent views of the wild steppe and forest-steppe, observe the marmots in their natural environment. And here you can pick up healing steppe herbs and, of course, make wonderful photos to remember the trip.