Kharkiv Theatre for Children and Youth

Kharkiv Theater for Children and Youth is an art tourist gem of Kharkiv. 
The boards of our theatre remember the initial step on the art way of the famous actor Vladimir Konkin. Here were heard the melodies of Isaac Dunaevsky, who wrote music to the stage performances of our theatre - the First State Children's theater in Ukraine. Among the directors of the theater are world-renowned Leonid Khaiit. And the pieces of scenery were made by the founder of the Ukrainian avant-garde Boris Kosarev, known in the world of painting, no less than Kazimir Malevich. 
Actually the building of the Kharkiv Theatre for Children and Youth is a monument of architecture, that was built in the nineteenth century in the style of neoclassicism. 
Nowday, more than three decks of performances for children of all ages are staged on the stage of the Kharkiv Youth Theater. And 'Adult Thursday' and 'Chamber Friday' projects attract adult audiences, offering both classical and experimental performances. So... 
We are waiting for you in our theatre!

Kharkiv, Poltavskyi shliakh st., 18
+380 (57) 712-02-65, 712-35-80