Dvorichanskyi Museum of Local Lore

Each exhibit has its legend or just an interesting story of its getting to the Dvorichanskyi Museum of Local Lore. For example, almost every visitor to the museum is interested in the way a cannon appeared there.
The Dvorichanskyi Museum of Local Lore is located in the center of Dvorichna village. Stock collection of the museum has about 4 thousand exhibits, which introduce visitors to the history of their ancestors, their customs, everyday life, traditions, famous people of Dvorichna district. 256 monuments of archeology are located on the territory of the district. The exposition of the museum contains an archaeological collection, which includes the tools of the Stone Age, the tips of the arrows of the Scythian era, the remains of clay dishes, bones of mammoth.

Kharkiv region, Dvorichna district, Dvorichna urban-type settlement,Sportyvnyi alley, 1