Donetsk site of ancient settlement

Donetsk site of ancient settlement is an archaeological monument of national significance, which is identified with the Old Russian Donetsk town of VIII-XIII centuries.
It should be noted that the Donetsk site of ancient settlement is a multilayered archaeological find (in the lowest layers there were found flint goods and fragments of stone weapons, that are characteristic to the late Bronze Age).
Later layers make it possible to create an idea of an Old Russian settlement that consisted of a citadel (fortified central part) and a settlement (unfortified suburbs where artisans and merchants settled).
Today the monument is an important tourist destination, where tourists come from Kharkiv and other cities of Ukraine. On the 16th of September there is a feast of ancestors' memory, during which competitions and games, designed to test the strength, intelligence and agility of the participants, are held, 
This day, a small fair, where you can buy souvenirs and literature on history, takes place on the territory of Donetsk site of ancient settlement.