On Saturday, September 18 at 18:30 on the Grand Stage of the Kharkiv National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre named after M.V. Lysenko see the ballet that has no analogs in Ukraine – “SWAN LAKE. WATER FANTASY”. 

Fantasy of the French choreographer based on “Swan Lake” is a real sensation in the theatre life of Ukraine and one of the most expensive projects in the history of the Kharkiv National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre / SKHID OPERA. Taking into account the fact that the Kharkiv Opera Theatre (and, together with it, the Ukrainian blet in general) originated in 1925 with the ballet “Swan Lake”, this project perfectly fits in the artistic career of our theatreal, creating one of the brightest and most creative pages of its biography.

The French choreographer Johan Nus came up with the idea of staging “Swan Lake” on water, in other words, making a visible scenic metaphor and shift away from clichés of imitation of water surface and primitive swan mock-ups. At the same time, the dance takes place not only on the “shore” of the lake, but also as if on its surface, in a large but shallow pond with the dimensions 12x16 meters. Legs of the dancers are ankle-deep in water, which practically does not impede performing traditional ballet movements and partner elements of modern dance, when bodies of the dancers are completely covered by water.

Tickets are available in the box offices and on the website of the theatre or can be booked in the box office of KhNATOB on the following telephone numbers: (057) 707-70-43, (057) 707-70-91.

More details about the concert can be found at the following link.