The ballet “Spartacus”

On June 12 at 18.30, on the Grand Stage of the Kharkiv National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre named after M. V. Lysenko see the premiere of the ballet “Spartacus”.

If you think ballet is only limited to pointe-shoes and skirts, think again!..

Powerful gladiator fights, clash of swords, rage and cries. Passionate love scenes. Excited breath of a 200 people’s crowd filling the space of the theatre hall. Cinematographic scenes without pauses in non-stop mode. Fascinating spectacle keeping the audience on the edge of their seats every second… - this is the new ballet “Spartacus” from Skhid OPERA! The most ambitious and expensive to this date theatre project of KhNATOB. 

“Spartacus” is a tough and expressive story about honour, steadfastness and death of one of the most famous gladiators of the Ancient Rome, the leader who led the revolt of slaves against the Roman Empire. Proud and courageous man protests against the cruelty of the Romans, fights for his love and freedom. However, the forces are unequal… 

This bright, provocative and action-packed performance of G. Kovtun combines drama and dance, music and singing, acrobatics and stunts. So, the audience is guaranteed to enjoy an unforgettable show.

Tickets are available in the box offices and on the website of the theatre KhNATOB / Skhid OPERA. Tickets can also be booked in the box office of the theatre on the following telephone numbers: +380 (57) 707-70-43, 707-70-91.

More details about the ballet can be found at the following link