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24.03.1906 — 17.06.1984

Outstanding singer, laureate of state awards and prizes. She began her creative career in the Kharkiv Drama Theater. Artist of the legendary "Synii platochok". The penetrating singing of Klavdiia Shulzhenko made this song truly folk.…

12.01.1878 – 08.10.1938

The artist whose artwork is closely connected with Kharkiv region, founder of the Derhachivskyi rural theater and the first Ukrainian worker's theater, teacher of Kharkiv Music and Drama Institute and developer of the methodology of "Kharkiv" way of playing bandura.…

13.07.1884 – 11.12.1965 (Stepan Hryzodubov), 27.04.1909 – 28.04.1993 (Valentyna Hryzodubova)

Stepan Hryzodubov is the aircraft designer, aviation pioneer. Valentyna Hryzodubova, "heavenly swallow", is a brave pilot, member of nonstop flight for the record distance of 5910 kilometers.

12.12.1884 – 19.03.1967

The bright name in a brilliant group of artists represents Kharkiv region in the world of great art. Her Kharkiv estate in Neskuchne village, that was reflected in the best works of the brush artist, was always the source of inspiration for the…

05.08.1844 – 29.09.1930

Outstanding artist, author of the immortal canvas "Zaporozhians write a letter to the Turkish sultan". A number of his works, as well as a book of memories "Daleke blyzke" ("The far is the close") is evidence of Riepin boundless love to Kharkiv region.

03.03.1862 – 23.11.1941

Academician of Architecture, architect. The buildings, designed by Oleksii Beketov, made in various styles, marked by magnitude and efficiency, determine the nature of the development of the city's central ensembles up to this day.

03.12.1722 – 09.11.1794

Traveling philosopher, poet, fabulist, teacher. Hryhorii Skovoroda, the teacher of Kharkiv Spiritual Collegium and author of "Kharkiv fables", "Prayers to God for Kharkiv city", found his eternal peace in Kharkiv region.

29.11.1778 – 20.08.1843

Writer, playwright, founder of Kharkiv theater. His narratives and historical tales about Ukraine have been translated into dozens of languages of the world, while the plays "Shelmenko-denshchyk" and "Matchmaking at Honcharivka" are the visiting cards of the Ukrainian…

30.01.1773 – 04.11.1842

Scientist, educator, public figure, founder of Kharkiv University. It was the discovery of the university that determined the fate of the modern Kharkiv as one of the leading scientific centers in Ukraine.

30.04.1901 – 08.07.1985

Semen Kuznets, a Nobel laureate in Economics, was born in Kharkiv. He graduated from the faculty of Law of Kharkiv National University…

22.01.1908 – 01.04.1968

Nobel laureate in the field of Physics.

15.05.1845 – 15.07.1916

Nobel laureate in the field of physiology and medicine. Honorary member of St. Petersburg University, Pasteur Institute (Paris), many foreign academies and scientific societies. Founder of Microbiology and Immunology. 



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